Bus Transfer


In order to facilitate the transfer of participants from the airports of Athens and Preveza to the hotels, the following bus trips have been organized:


Athens (Eleftherios Venizelos) airport to hotels Porto Ligia and Ionian Blue


Sunday 21/9/2014, departure 16:00 (50-seat bus)
List* of people who are expected to take this bus.

*Probable strike problems


Sunday 21/9/2014, departure 19:00 (18-seat minibus)
List of people who are expected to take this minibus.


The buses will carry a sign reading ERG 2014. They will be parked in the tourist-bus parking area during the times 15:00-16:00 and 18:00-19:00. In order to reach the bus, participants should walk outside the terminal at the arrival level, turn right, walk past the stops of the public buses and reach the tourist-bus parking.


Preveza (Aktion) airport to hotels Porto Ligia and Ionian Blue


Saturday 20/9/2014, departure 10:00 (50-seat bus)


Saturday 20/9/2014, departure 16:00 (50-seat bus)


The buses will carry a sign reading ERG 2014. They will be parked immediately outside the arrival terminal.


There are a few participants who may not be served by the above bus trips. Unfortunately, the only way of reaching the hotels is by taxi. The cost is approximately 45 euros.


The return trips will take place early in the morning of Saturday 27/9/2014.


There will be buses running daily from Porto Ligia to Ionian Blue.
The times are:
8:30 Porto Ligia -> Ionian Blue
13:30 Ionian Blue -> Porto Ligia
15:30 Porto Ligia -> Ionian Blue
20:30 Ionian Blue -> Porto Ligia




Lefkada is accessible by air through the airport of Preveza (Aktio), located 10 km from the town of Lefkada. Unfortunately, Olympic Airlines has stopped operating from Preveza, so that there is no regular connection to Athens. The only airline having regular flights to Preveza is Sky Express flying out of Corfu, Kefalonia and Zakynthos. In the summer months there is also a large number of charter flights from many European cities to Preveza and to the majority of the Ionian Islands. You can check for low price tickets here.


Lefkada is also accessible by road, as it is separated from the mainland by a short canal at its northern tip. The drive from Athens lasts approximately 6 hours. A bus trip will be arranged from the Airport of Athens to Lefkada on Sunday 21 September for participants who prefer to travel by land. The departure will take place in the afternoon, at a time that will be specified when the arrival times of the participants will be known. A bus trip will be arranged for the return trip in the morning of Saturday 27 September. Also bus trips can be organized from the airport of Preveza (Aktion) for people arriving there.


People can also use the regular bus service between Athens and Lefkada. The daily departure times from the bus terminal in Kifissos (NOT to be confused with Kifissia, which is in a completely different direction) can be found at ktel-lefkadas. The cost of the one-way trip is 33.80 euros. Transportation by taxi is available from the Athens airport to the bus terminal at an approximate cost of 35-40 euros. Also the bus line X93 connects the airport with the bus terminal in Kifissos. The bus stop is outside the airport terminal.


There are several bus lines from the airport into Athens. The bus line X95 connects the airport with the Syntagma square in the center of Athens. The bus line X93 connects the airport with the bus terminal in Kifissos, from where the bus to Lefkada can be taken. The bus stop is located outside the airport terminal. For more information go to oasa and click on Airport El.Benizelos.


It is also possible to take a ferry from Italy to the port of Igoumenitsa, opposite Corfu. Several ferry lines operate out of Trieste, Venice, Ancona, Bari and Brindisi. They are Minoan Lines, ANEK Lines, Superfast Ferries, Grimaldi Lines.